A few notes from Happy Clients

“Excellent experience. Very professional and truly an expert at Wireshark and LUA dissectors”

Horizon Chasers

“Awesome work! He was very patient–my response and answers to his questions were often delayed due to my job and other outside factors. Always professional and understanding. This was a difficult job because few people are familiar with the language or the application. Excellent work, highly recommended!”

Bob Salerni

“Daniel is a detail-oriented software professional. His code conforms to best-practices, making it easy for others to modify and maintain. His breadth of expertise covers a wide range, from Linux and scripting to C/C++. Furthermore, Daniel has demonstrated a keen ability to work with customers, ensuring their needs are properly met and their concerns are promptly acknowledged and responded to.”

Ryan Martens

Software Manager, PV Labs

I had the opportunity to work with Daniel while he was developing a leading-edge data acquisition and storage solution.

He repeatedly demonstrated his deep knowledge of the Linux platform, and C++ programming as well sound software development methodologies that

I was consistently impressed with his creative problem-solving skills. the speed at which he grasped new concepts, and his ability to explain complex technical issues.

Ken Lowe

IT Director, PV Labs