Backup, Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Effective backup and disaster recovery plans minimize downtime.

Business Continuity: The Meaning, the Solution

Business continuity is something other than backup. It includes looking at the business on a more significant level. Business continuity is the cycle, strategies, and systems identified with planning for the recovery or continuation of the technology framework important to an organization after a disaster (natural or human).

Disaster recovery is one of the subsets of business continuity. Business continuity includes anticipating problematic occasions and calamity while keeping all parts of a business working during the event. Disaster recovery centers around the IT or technology frameworks that help businesses in all capacities.

Business Continuity. A Complete Solution:

A managed service provider should offer a business continuity solution that can protect organizations and get them back online immediately after any of these catastrophes/disasters:

  • Break-down or failure of hardware and software
  • Natural disasters
  • Unintentional human mistake or malicious activities
  • Ransomware and other network security threats

Business Continuity Solutions. Things to Look Out for

These are the things to look out for when considering a business continuity solution:

  • Hybrid cloud backup and restore: a mixed approach that fixes the weaknesses that a cloud only or an on-premises (local) only solution possesses
  • Superior RTO and RPO: solution should be business continuity oriented rather than seeing it as a backup solution; calculate the downtime your business can survive (RTO – Recovery Time Objective) as well as the amount of data you can afford to lose (RPO – Recovery Point Objective)
  • Image-based backup and restore: make sure that the solution takes data images of all data instead of just copying the files