IT Support & Service

Hammer Software provides managed services packages and professional IT support services

IT Support and Network Services for Stability for Your Small Business in Hamilton.


Truth is, nothing works perfectly 100% all the time. Devices fail, an update can go sideways crashing your systems, apps fail to send or receive emails, important files may be accidentally deleted or a virus can infect your IT infrastructure – we will readily be on hand to get you back to business.

IT support services

  • Malware, virus, and ransomware removal and prevention
  • Server updates, installation, and support
  • Network troubleshooting, upgrades, maintenance
  • Operating system installation and troubleshooting
  • Workstation setup, updates, and repair
  • Hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, and updates
  • Email setup and troubleshooting
  • User support and training
  • Internet troubleshooting and setup
  • Office relocation …and more

Why IT support from Hammer Software?

Have you experienced below-par IT support services in the past? Of the numerous IT companies in Ontario, not all are suited to your needs. When your business’ information, security, availability, or revenue generation is on the line, you want to get back to normal operations as soon as possible. Not only that, you want to be sure things are fixed correctly and the problem won’t occur again in the future. Do not entrust your business technology services with the IT company that happens to be the closest or cheapest. You get what you pay for, and a dollar saved now could mean hundreds spent later.

We place our customers’ needs first and work hard to ensure success for their business goals. We are renowned for a reputation of integrity, expertise, and reliability.

Please get in touch and rest easy knowing your business technology is in the hands of Hammer Software’s expert team!