Cloud & Mobility Solutions

Cloud and mobility Solutions provide the freedom and flexibility modern businesses require.

Cloud Computing & Mobility Solutions

This is the combination of cloud computing in mobile networks to users of mobile applications, network operators, as well as cloud computing providers. At present we are amid a mobile revolution in which every user wants their data secured & easy access to their files and data anywhere and anytime through applications. The increase in the use of devices by users on the go and these users require access to their enterprise applications and support from their IT organization. The increasing popularity and availability of Smartphones and tablets has accelerated this. Most of the smartphones come with rather small storage and memory sizes, therefore, limiting the size of application data we can store or save in the device memory, so servers are provided in such cases to save data. Even the servers are not safe for storing a large amount of data & for easy accessibility of customers anywhere & anytime.

Mobility in the Cloud is a Platform as a Service offering (PaaS) where there is a middle layer usually software between an end-user and an organization. Management of this Platform can be handled directly by the corporate customer or by one of the partners. Mobility in the Cloud includes many mobile apps that can be the extensions of your traditional business applications dedicated to the day-to-day specific interests of the business. It includes analytic apps and any other custom applications.

Mobility in the cloud platform ensures a secure connection between internal, external device users and the enterprise information infrastructure using a multilayer approach to ensure corporate security. The confidentiality of any network link that transfers corporate data and, of any location that stores the enterprise data is guaranteed.

Cloud Computing in Mobility: What are the benefits?

With cloud computing, work is no longer defined by physical. Removing the limits of time and location, this allows employees to work at any place and time. Rather than clocking into the usual eight to five job, employees can work outside the office within and outside business hours.

Cloud computing allows enterprise employees to work from any location, time, and device giving room for greater productivity, flexibility, and an overall competitive advantage.

You gain a competitive advantage over your competitors in the marketplace. Customers are happy to be using the application easily without any slow processing. Use any application at any location and time.

Cloud solutions can allow you to more easily access of mobile application management, view app distribution, and monitor usage for all devices and users across the enterprise, no matter the operating system they’re running or whether the device is corporate-owned or not.