We are experts in managing
& supporting IT operations
for Small Businesses
What can we do for
you through information
technology consulting?
IP Phone Systems.
Application development.
Use information technology
to meet your business

Data and Program


We can sit down with you to develop a plan to automatically parse your legacy reports and turn it into actionable data. With modern software, we can provide data reporting on your mobile device, or via daily email reports. Our team consists of software developers and graphic artists. We can provide a complete end to end solution for you, or some portion thereof.



Utilizing Office Automation can help to streamline many existing tedious office procedures. Given a repetitive task, we can often automate all or most of it, so that your day(s) allocated to those repetitive tasks are much more productive.

Linux Servers

& IP Phone Systems

We can help you get a Linux server up and running for your email, web or Asterisk phone server. We can also help you update, secure and maintain your existing server.

Hammer Software can provide you with complete custom IP Phone solutions for your communications needs.



We have the expertise in-house to be able to provide solutions in C, C++, python, perl or luascript. We have experience writing wireshark dissectors in luascript, parsers in C and C++, report generation in python or perl, and embedded development in C, C++ and python.

Need Software Solutions?

Call us to make an appointment to analyze your current systems and custom design a solution that meets your requirements.