Voice Over IP


All of the IP Phone Systems we supply and support are feature rich and offer customized functionality, great flexibility and savings. Your company will receive a system with advanced features that substantially improve productivity.

Aastra 6739i

Aastra produces great products for IP telephony, including both residential phones and business telecommunications systems. Aastra was acquired by Mitel in January 2014. Hammer Software continues to provide support for both Aastra and Mitel.

asterisk and phone

Asterisk is a software based PBX released under both the GNU General Public License as free software and a proprietary license that allows licensees to create and distribute proprietary components to add more features. Hammer Software has been working with Asterisk since its earliest versions and is capable of providing full support and custom systems for your business needs.

Digium G800 Voip Gateway

Digium specializes in developing communications hardware and telephony hardware. More specifically, Digium produces IP phones, business phone systems (Switchvox IP PBX) and custom hardware and software communications solutions for Asterisk. Hammer Software is fully trained and up to date on Digium products and is capable of providing support for all Digium products.

FreePBX Let Freedom Ring

Is a great open source GUI (Graphical User Interface) that provides an easy interface to control and manage an Asterisk Voice Over IP server. Hammer Software provides full support of FreePBX, including custom builds, training and support.


Sangoma FreePBX Phone System

Sangoma produces high end products delivering IP Telephony functions and efficiency that are in high demand in the Voice Over IP Industry. By supporting Sangoma products, Hammer Software brings the best telecommunications solutions to your business,



For those who have an existing modern phone system, we offer to integrate the system with new digital Voice Over IP.