Do not waste time and money with "unlimited hosting" where resource hogs can slow your site down. Hammer Software's high quality reliable hosting ensures all clients have fair equitable access to all resources.

Hammer Software is Canadian owned and operated, all our servers and backup systems are based within Canada.



Hammer Software provides a secure reliable solution for your E-Mail needs.

Our dedicated E-Mail hosting services are designed for businesses who require high performance and dependable E-Mail service.

Let Hammer Software take care of the management of your E-Mail platform so you can focus on your business.



Host your personal and/or company website on Hammer Software’s hosting service. It is designed for personal, small business and enterprises.

Hammer Software’s website hosting provides a secure and reliable service for all your hosting needs.  We can provide shared hosting (where you share space on a web server with other customers), and we also provide virtual private servers (where you share a physical machine with other sites, but the other sites cannot see your site).