Our firm has more than 35 years combined software development experience. We are able to accomodate custom software requirements on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry OS10.

Asterisk, Elastix and FreePBX

With ten years experience on Asterisk the open source PBX, 6 years experience with FreePBX and another 4 years experience with Elastix, our team has the know-how to get your phone system secured and configured.

Security and Industrial

Would you like more flexibility in how your security guards access the cameras and/or access control software? Perhaps you would like to have them get better coverage of the floor, or even more so to be on the floor all the time, and not sit behind the desk at all? With our software solutions, you can free your security guards from their desks, so that they can monitor the system, no matter where they are in the building.

In this day and age, you can never be too secure. In automated industrial settings, there are a number of risks associated with connecting your PLCs to the network. Are you sure your industrial electricians know how to set up networks with your security in mind? Industrial electricians are not typically network savvy, much less security savvy. Have us come in to take a look at your PLC set up to make sure that your office network and your PLC network are separated, and also to make sure that your PLC network is not directly connected to the Internet. We can also develop custom software to produce useful reports from your PLCs.

Linux Server Support

Employees of our firm have been working with Linux since 1994, and know it very well. We can handle automation, scheduled backups, webserver administration, email administration (dovecot, postfix, sendmail), webmin administration, database administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, sqlite), Asterisk server support, and firewalls (including advanced rulesets). Custom software development is also available for specific needs.

Hammer Software

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